welcome to the site of Mark Grove ...song writer ..worship leader ..

The new album  `UNDESERVED GRACE ` by Mark will be be available to order very shortly  for all enquires please email   mgrove499@gmail.com ...


introduction to Mark

Mark Grove is a singer /songwriter and worship leader . he  as been a song writer since he came to faith in 1995 , he as been signed by an American record company , recorded cds and as been featured on BBC RADIO and Sky Gospel Channels .


 Mark and fellow worship leader  John Hammond formed the worship band OneHEART in 2013 

where the band are  committed to leading worship at Cornwall Worship events ,Cornwall Prayer Initiative . The Lizard Filling Station , Encounter and Oasis meetings in the Methodist circuit, and also Inter denomination meetings with Churches together in St Ives .

Mark is very much involved with Revival Street ministries in Cornwall ...taking worship on to the streets in various Towns in the South West ..



Live dates for the diary


September 2017 


The Vine Elim Church 10.30 am

Carbis Bay MemorialHall , St Ives ,Cornwall

Sunday worship



The Filling Station

Budock Vean near Falmouth .with guest speaker Bob Dunnit

Monday 25th September 7.30 pm


October 2017 



Thursday 12th October

Prepare the way worship event 

The Guild Theatre in St Ives



Sunday 22nd October 

Camborne Wesley Cafe Church 

9 am till 10 am ..



Tuesday 31st October 

Cornwall Worship and Cornwall Prayer Initiative 

Holding  the Ground 

Degibna Chapel , Helston  7.30 pm 




November 2017


Sunday 5th November

New wave at Forestreet , St Ives

with guest speaker Matt Timms


December 2017


Sunday 3rd December 

Porthfallow Carol service 3 pm


Sunday 3rd December 

The Guild Hall , St Ives  7 pm 


January 2018


Monday 8th January  7pm 


The Filling Station at Falmouth 

with Canon Gordon Smyth .


Sunday 21st January 2018 

St.Anta Church , Carbis bay ..



February 2018


 Sunday 4th February

 New Wave Event

at Forestreet Methodist Church 


Sunday 18th February 

St .Anta Church , Carbis Bay 


March  2018

Sunday 18th March 

St Anta Church , Carbis Bay 


previous gigs 


Sunday 1st January 

The Vine Elim Church 11.00 am 

Sunday Service 


The Lizard Filling Station

Tuesday 17th January 7.30 pm

Little Trethvas farm

Near Helston

guest speaker Andrew Pearkes 


Saturday 21st January 

Revival Street ministries

Helston 10 am-12 noon 



Saturday 21st January 

Stirring of the Waters  7 pm 

Penryn near Falmouth 

guest speaker Ian Andrews 



Sunday 22nd January 

Cafe church at Camborne Wesley 9 am 

Camborne Wesley cafe area 



Sunday 22nd January 

Oasis where grace abounds 6 pm 

Centenary Church Camborne ,

guest speaker Andrew Chapple  


Sunday 29th January 

The Vine Elim Church 10.30 am 

Carbis Bay Memorial hall 

near St ives . Cornwall 

Sunday worship service 




February 2017 


Sunday 5th February 

Encounter at Wesley  7 pm 

Camborne Wesley 

guest speaker Mark Richards 


Saturday 11th February 

Live music at 54 lemons ..St Ives 

2 pm till 4 pm  


Sunday 12th February 7 pm 

Fusion event 

Cury Chaple , near Helston 

with OneHEART 


Oasis where grace abounds 

Sunday 19th February 6 pm 

Centenary Church , Camborne 

guest speaker Mike Trounson ..


Tuesday 21st February 7.30 pm 

The Lizard Filling Station

with guest speaker Kenton Baker 



Cafe Church 

Sunday 26th February 9 am 

Camborne Wesley cafe area 



March 2017 


Oasis where grace abounds 

Sunday 19th March 6 pm 

Centenary Church , Camborne

guest speaker Colin Reed  


The Lizard Filling Station 

Little Trethvas farm ..The Lizard 

near Helston 7.30 pm 

guest speaker Andrew Leakey 


New Style Cafe church 

Sunday 26th March  9 am-10 am 

Camborne Wesley coffee area .



April 2017 


Kingsgate Church , Helston 10.30 am 

Sunday 2nd April  worship leading at the 

Baptisms of Bob and Jen Markley , and Debbie Curruthers ..


New wave contemporary worship 

Sunday 2nd April  7.00 pm 

Foresteet Church , St Ives 


The Vine Elim Church 

Sunday 16th April 10.30 am 

Easter Sunday Celebrations 


Follow the Son Motorbike church 

Thursday 20 th April  7.00 pm 

Stirring of the waters Church 

Penryn ..near Falmouth  


Camborne Wesley Cafe church

Sunday 23rd April 9 am-10 am 


May 2017 


10th anniversary

Cornwall Worship at the Minack Theatre 

 Sunday 7th  May 2017   3 pm 

The Minack Theatre ,Porth Curnow ..

guest speaker Geoff Davies 

with the

Devon and Cornwall Salvation army band 



Oasis where grace abounds

Sunday 21st May  6 pm 

Centenary Church Camborne 



July 2017 


Encounter at Camborne Wesley Church  

Sunday 2nd July 7 pm

with John Hammond , Matt Cheeseman ,

Jess Mills , James Preston , and Peter Stanton ..the Last Encounter for a season ...


Cornwall worship on the river in Saltash  

Sunday 9th July 3 pm Cornwall worship 

trustees prayer time ...


Cornwall Prayer and Praise 

Thursday 13th July 7 -9 pm 

Degibna Chapel ..Helston 


Oasis where grace abounds 

Sunday July 16th 6 pm 

Camborne Centenary Church 

with Andrew Chapple  


Saturday  22nd July 10.30 am

Kingsgate Out reach at the Old Cattle Market , Helston with Andy Simpson ..


Sunday 30th July 10.30 am

The Vine Elim Church with David Smith

Sunday worship service


August 2017 


Sunday 6th August 

Carolaire led by Rev.Fran Lane

Outdoor churches together with OneHEART

Poldhu Beach , 6 pm.Till 7.15 pm

TR12 7JB


Saturday 12th August recording at Jesus reigns studio ,Malvern



Sunday 20th August

The Vine Elim Church 10.30 am

Sunday Worship service




September 2017 


The Vine Elim Church 10.30 am

Carbis Bay MemorialHall , St Ives ,Cornwall

Sunday worship


Cornwall Worship at Hayle Foundry Ampitheatre

Sunday 24th September 3 pm

with guest speaker Bob Hardman

the pastor of Light and life Church , Hayle


The Filling Station

Budock Vean near Falmouth .with guest speaker Bob Dunnit

Monday 25th September 7.30 pm









Dear Mark  What a blessing you were to us at last Cornwall Prayer Initiative ..the songs were just right , perfectly chosen , and worshipfully led ,You have a very special gifting , a real worshipper , it often seems squeezed from your very soul ,enabling all to come close to Our Lord ..thank you, thank you ! we pray that more and more Christians will be drawn to worshiop together ...

Vast NUMBERS , and as they respond , so POWER

will be released .As in the Old Testament , the musicians always went in front as the army went into battle!!  

David and Vivien Viol ..Cornwall Prayer Initiative 2016 . 


``Mark i do not know whether i shared with you that there was considerable positive feedback , about your special anointing to lead , and how many were touched by God in incredible ways .  be blessed you are special to us !``

                 Rev. Chris Wallis pastor of

             St .Ives Elim Church in Cornwall 



``Ladies and gentlemen introducing Mark Grove, Christian Singer/Songwriter. Just watching, reading, and listening, you only scratch the surface and catch glimpses of the life of Mark Grove. Yet those glimpses begin to reveal a family man with such a passion for worshipping God it overflows and spills onto the pages of websites like My Christian Bands . Now through his music it can also fill the room in which you sit reading this Here is a man, with a heart for worshipping and glorifying his Saviour Here is a man who many young Christian men should look to as a role model. We need more men like Mark Grove in our churches today. Indulge yourself in all of his music . The cd ` Chapters 2002-2015 `will introduce yourself to the inimitable and distinct sound of Mark Grove. Worship with him. Enjoy the presence of God as Mark leads you with a true 'heart for worship'. ``

SIMON RICHARDSON founder of my christian bands website

Now available downloads  AT itunes

   sunshine the          musical

The Lizard Filling Station 

The Vine Elim Church 

After an encounter with near death , in an out of control fire blaze ,and God`s grace on Mark`s life .

Mark began to write worship songs , and found a solid relationship of faith and belief in the Great God of Heaven and earth .`Jesus being the way ,the truth and the life !`


Mark and his wife Mandy live in Cambourne  ,Cornwall  UK . Son Ben Grove is a  professional Skateboarder-Model  31 he lives in Manchester ,and daughter Dannielle 28 is  Married to Nick and they also  live in Manchester .


 Based in Cambourne Wesley  Methodist Church Mark leads the Worship band , and also visits other Churches and leads worship in Christian Events around the County .

Having had a vision a few years back , to see all denominations Worshipping together at the Minack open air Theatre ,near Lands End , in Cornwall the success of the event,brought about  the Cornwall Worship Trust , a team organising joint Worship events throughout the county of Cornwall.

Future Cornwall Worship events for 2016         www.cornwallworship.org.uk

Marks vision for Cornwall Worship .



Following the success of Cornwall Worship at the Minack in May 2007

 those involved believe that it is right that events be arranged to enable Christians in Cornwall to come together in worship and have decided to form a Trust which will be called CORNWALL WORSHIP TRUST.


The purpose of this trust, which will be stated in the trust deeds:


To facilitate the Christians in Cornwall to come together in worship.



Many years ago one of our trustees received the scripture

“He shall rule from the sea to the sea and from the river to the end of the land.”  (Psalm 72:8)

and it is with this that we aim to bring Cornwall to Christ.

now available the new c.d. 



A Captivated heart Now available to download from itunes 



The new Mark Grove c.d. Chapters 2002-2015  Now available to order 

contains 15 of the most popular played  songs on a Numberonemusic poll.

contact Mark at:


mgrove499@gmail.com .

Mark`s Interview for Sky Gospel Channel

Mark has made links with various Worship Leaders , Churches , and musicians .

 Camborne Wesley and Centenary ...            

Mark and Mandy Grove are based at Camborne Wesley  ,

they lead the  Worship with James Preston and Les Parkyn at the New Style Cafe` Church.

Rev.Jon Bellfield is the minister , with such a passion for the Lord ,what a blessing !


Checkout the New Style Cafe` Church once a  month , on the Wesley church events diary .

Mark and Mandy Grove will be leading worship with James Preston and Les Parkyn



Mark leads worship at the sister church  Camborne Centenary at regular events .




Ricahard and Pat Edwards 



``We lead worship here and there (!) and we are also part of the Ncourage worship band with good friend and all-round-excellent chap.... Mark Grove`` Rod Mcglade .

Kingsgate Church , Helston  ,Cornwall 


Church leaders Steve and Debbie Carruthers 



Chapel Street Methodist Church , Penzance




Mark was the worship leader  at the Contemporary service for three years 

working with the late Rev.Bob Senior to begin this particular weekly service . 




 A time of Contemporary worship in the main worship area.

  Starts at 9.30am. till 10.30am Chapel Street Methodist ChurcRev Alistair Bolt .


Service includes Worship -Word - Bread and wine -and prayer



Rev .Alastair Bolt  and  quest speakers  give the word . recordings are available on the Church website every week .Everyone Welcome 














Chris and Linda Wallis leaders of The Vine Elim Church 



John and Anne Hammond 


John is the Worship Leader at The Vine Elim Church .

Unity in Churches , we have the Minack event to plan for in May .


The Mustard Seed Christian Bed and Breakfast 


Rev Steve and Julie Swann


our friends over on the Lizard Circuit .





Porthlevan apostolic Church


Pastors Glen and Sarah Chaplin 










Dan and Jo Rubens 


Discovery Church is a new church in Penzance where you can interact with the big issues of life and faith. We meet on Sunday mornings at 11am at Humphry Davy School, Coombe Road, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2TG.

Church/Religious Organization  http://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryChurchPZ

Dan Rubens Pastor at the Discovery Elim  Church ,  Penzance 

Mark would like to thank Rev.Howard and Sue Coley King for their time and fellowship shared in Spain early this year , checkout their TV programme recorded for Sky Gospel Channel LA LUZ (the light )




worship Leader Crispian Blackbourne

A Great pleasure to work with in 2013 

as OneHEART was formed for the Cornwall

worship at the Minack Event 


Our Good friend Steve Parr bass guitarist from Shekinah Church 

played with OneHEART at the Cornwall Worship event at the Minack 

 in May 2013 . 

Hey guys, Thanks again for giving us the opportunity 

to be part of the event.

I really feel that it was a beautiful time of worship. 

Mark, I love your band and the music was so anointed,   

it was great to be able to just worship and not lead.

How great is our God, and it's been so good to meet you.

 Bless ya Kris Lannen , the Grenaways   

Andi Oakes Singer/songwriter played along side

n-courage at the last Cornwall Worship event , what a blessing !


Mark Keene  Worship leader and Great guitarist from Malvern Worcestershire 


with the band      www.facebook.com/mark.keene1?fref=ts




Barney Trevivian Worship Leader Truro Baptist Church 



Sarah Tummey Singer/songwriter  / and good friend 




Sarah appeared at our first ever Minack event back in 2007 , also 

was a member of Connexion ,one of Mark`s first worship bands .

Mark Midwinter drums /percussion  

played with Mark in the days of Connexion 





Paul Critchley Worship Leader

Based up in Derbyshire



Graham O`Leary  Great song writer 







Top man Linsay Hayman  Evangelist / founder of Kick Start ministries 



all round great guy Josh Warner made his first appearance at the Minack Theatre in 2009 . 



great chappie Nathan Cole made an appearance at the Minack Theatre in 2009



Nick Dart  Great drummer , as played with Mark a few times in the past 

but turned out to be a real natural talent .



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Mark Grove
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United Kingdom

TR14 8HD

email mgrove499@gmail.com 


Mob 07392 301195

Home 01209 481381

Mark Grove

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Full Time Ministry requires Funding if it is the Lord`s will Mark would endeavour to serve him full time , 

but only by provision could that be achieved.

if you feel you would like  to support Mark`s ongoing music ministry with a donation ,

please press the Paypal Donate Button    many many Thanks .and blessings in the name of Jesus .




Check out Mark Grove .




Free Sheet Music Now Available

Theres no Greater God written by Mark Grove

email mgrove499@gmail.com


Mark`s son Ben Grove Pro Skateboarder .


checkout his achievements






Ben Grove is a pro skateboarder from the UK. He was born on February 5, 1985 in Crewe, York. He burst on the skateboarding scene about two years ago. He has quickly become one of the best street skateboarders to come around in a long time. He is famous for being UK’s premier street skater.

Ben Grove has been sponsored by some of the biggest names in the sports industry like Easy Leaf, Prodeck, Unabomber, Indytrucks, Eastpak, Vans and Note SK8 Shop, just to name a few. He is the current team manger for Unabomber. He has had a fast moving career, appearing in local productions, feature films, advertisements and promotional performances.

Ben Grove has come in at 4th place in the UKSA National Skateboard Championships in 2008. He also came in 4th in the UKSA 2009 championships. This athlete is a very easy going skater who brings the competition to a whole new level. He brings out the roughness and readiness of the ultimate street skater. He skates with the freedom and flow of the true skateboarder.

Colin Owen

Music Ministries

recording studio

Very experienced sound technician

Worship songwriter and leader  


Malvern Worcestershire  







Alan Furneaux Artist/Singer/Songwriter




Now playing: Mark Grove
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Singer /songwriter Phil Harrison , coordinator for the South West Gospel Rock

Our Good Friend Julian Hoskin bass player


Julian`s Driving School 



The Grove Bistro , Mark`s brothers great restaurant

The pride of Carl and Rachel Grove, this contemporary creation combines clean modern styling with varied rustic and traditional cuisine. The Grove Bistro is a beautiful restaurant designed for all aspects of quality dining from a romantic dinner for two or a warm gathering of family and friends. Located on the edge of the tiny hamlet of Sithney near the historic town of Helston means it also provides some of the finest and most relaxing surroundings in Cornwall.



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