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  • Cindy (Tuesday, January 30 18 03:15 pm GMT)

    Hi! This week i ve been mostly listening to your music, people really like what you do. Good luck in your future endeavours!

  • Bianka and Zac (Tuesday, January 30 18 03:12 pm GMT)

    Hey, so we have found you on N1M and my boyfriend Zac loves you song the great creator - this is the only thing that he has been listening to.. a few days in a row... THANKS! We love your music keep it up!

  • Rocky Liam Torres (Monday, January 29 18 04:51 pm GMT)

    Hey, do you want to give our country-rock songs a go. I have them up on dropbox. I am having a collaborator master the music/instrument tracks right now, but we need a great vocalist - which is what we are seeking right now (locally and abroad). Locally for performances, abroad or otherwise to get the album out and circulating. Let us know, please. rojerthat at hotm.... or call me 1 813 298 4559. Be blessed.

  • Samuel Kislow (Monday, January 01 18 05:35 pm GMT)

    Hi, my name is Sam. I work with a non profit charitable alliance that is putting together a series of national and international events for the summer and fall of 2018. I am part of a team that is looking for talent to book for these events.

    I saw that either I or one of our A&R Reps has reached out to you before so I wanted to make double sure we contacted you this year. My apologies if anyone else from our team has already gotten to you and this contact is redundant. I look forward to hopefully hearing back from you. Let me know if you would like more information.

    Thanks again.

  • Courtney (Thursday, December 28 17 05:36 pm GMT)

    Your music sounds better than radio stations spin nowadays.I have had Some people say stuck in my head all day.

  • Maxine (Thursday, December 28 17 05:33 pm GMT)

    Hi! I just wanna show you some love and support, your music is on my daily playlist and I'm waiting here for more...keep em coming! Your true fan Maxine!

  • Roberta (Thursday, December 28 17 05:32 pm GMT)

    Hello, I give an early Thanks to you this season. Not a day goes by I don't listen to your music. It's awesome and looking forward to many more great works by you. Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the holiday season!

  • Geneva (Thursday, December 28 17 05:19 pm GMT)

    Hey, I just want to thank you for your existence. I'm not able to find words for the feeling I have when I listen to your songs. It was pure chance that I have found you on N1M..and I'm so glad about it. Well, my favorite song is 'I Feel Alive (your Grace Has Set Me Free)'. keep spreading your music! Happy Holidays! And best wishes for 2018.

  • Cindy (Thursday, December 28 17 05:13 pm GMT)

    I just want to send my best wishes to you for a great Christmas, and to thankyou for your music. I hope that wherever you are in the world this week, you have a lovely time over Christmas with your loved ones.
    Sending you love, peace and laughter in your Christmas stocking.

  • mildred chou (Thursday, December 28 17 05:11 pm GMT)

    These days, I've been listening to a lot of music, and I've been most into music from your list.
    May your lucky stars continue to shine and make all your dreams come true! God Bless you!!!

  • Jon Bellfield (Wednesday, August 16 17 11:50 pm BST)

    Bro your a bessing

  • Mike Tate (Thursday, March 23 17 05:28 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark , just wanted to say thank you so much for leading worship last night at the Filling station.Many people commented that it was a really powerful time of worship.Much love and blessing Mike

  • Tony Bird (Thursday, March 23 17 05:24 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark,

    A short note to thank you for a wonderful time of worship on Sunday evening. I knew it would be when I saw the song list but I didn't know how good. Thank you.

    Also, do you know the future of OASIS services as there are none on the present plan for April and May?

    You are truly a God given blessing to Camborne and Cornwall.

    Tony ><>

  • Fran Lane (Thursday, February 16 17 06:05 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark
    Lovely to get your e mail.
    Yes – I thought Sunday went well.
    Thanks for the worship – good to be able to glorify God together!
    I think the YP are all from different groups – hopefully as time goes on they will gel a bit too.
    A work in progress.

    I mentioned an event on Poldhu Beach. Its only in embryo stages yet and a lot needs to be firmed up. The date will probably be Sunday 6th August. I’ll get back to you with something more definite later.
    Many blessings in your ministry

    Fran Lane

  • David and Viv Viol (Sunday, February 05 17 08:35 am GMT)

    Dear Mark What a blessing you were to us at last Cornwall Prayer Initiative ..the songs were just right , perfectly chosen , and worshipfully led ,You have a very special gifting , a real worshipper , it often seems squeezed from your very soul ,enabling all to come close to Our Lord ..thank you, thank you ! we pray that more and more Christians will be drawn to worshiop together ...
    Vast NUMBERS , and as they respond , so POWER
    will be released .As in the Old Testament , the musicians always went in front as the army went into battle!!
    David and Vivien Viol ..Cornwall Prayer Initiative 2016 .

  • caroline (Wednesday, February 01 17 05:29 pm GMT)

    Especially love So amazing is your love, absolutely brilliant!

  • Richard (Sunday, January 22 17 03:12 pm GMT)

    Excellent song Mark (Favour). I really think you are doing a wonderful job with all your songs and their message. I am glad to recommend your material anytime my friend. God Bless you Mark and here's wishing you and your family a very blessed new year. Richard Roughgarden/A Richer Garden

  • Caroline (Sunday, January 22 17 03:01 pm GMT)

    Was directed here by a friend, was not disappointed. A very refreshing sound. I do hope you're enjoying the holidays!

  • Liam Torres (Sunday, January 22 17 02:59 pm GMT)

    Mark, has anyone told you your voice is like that of Phil Collins? Anyway, I am looking for collaborators. Would you like to put together one or two albums together with me? I am tapping onto the country genre and experimenting with rock/hard rock/metal elements to incorporate into the country music. The end product might not even end up being anything but simple country rock, who knows. The point is that I like your voice A LOT and I would be honored with your singing over some of my music. What say you? Godspeed, Liam 813 298 4559 (Florida, united States)
    No problem, Mark, a pleasure.
    Most of my music is already recorded. I have used drum patches and live guitars. It should be enough for me to send you the tracks so you can listen, create, add-on, rehearse, record, etc. Recording your part would be, of course, contingent on where you can do it, the expense, etc. Once the product is ready I can master the tracks for promotion, submit them sell on various platforms on the internet, etc. It can't be that difficult. Just, maybe, a lot of leg work. There is nothing to lose, really. Performing the songs would nice, but I would be happy just completing a great product, selling it, and building super fans that can like and purchase our music for years, maybe decades to come. You know?

  • Chad Jenner (Sunday, January 22 17 02:57 pm GMT)

    You are remarkable. God has blessed you so much. I hope maybe one day we could work together on a project, if it is Gods will. Stay blessed. Chad Jenner

  • Dora Stenley (Sunday, January 22 17 02:53 pm GMT)

    I've been listening to You Hold The Key in these last couple of days non stop, I played this song for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it.

  • Richard Edwards (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:38 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark
    In my haste I gave you the wrong dates for Ian
    It will be Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January 2017!
    Let me know if either of those dates is feasible.


  • Richard Edwards (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:32 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark
    I have been trying to make contact regarding a healing event we have at the wharf this coming weekend. Rod and Becky are no longer with us so I am looking for some help for Saturday evening and Sunday evening. We have Andrew Pearkes for the weekend and would like to make the most of his visit to see the Kingdom come in our areas. If you are able to help us by leading worship on one or both of the two evenings I would love to hear from you07968080258


  • Rose Florio (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:30 pm GMT)


  • Bruce Birch (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:29 pm GMT)

    Yes mate. I'm glad I receive your messages. I have the same query about my messages to everyone else. I've only had a few responses from my messages too. God Bless You.

  • Jeremy Zielinski (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:25 pm GMT)

    Awsome music. Your soul really shines through your music. Your tunes are brilliant.
    I will definitely be spreading your website around and purchasing your music.

    Take care and please keep making your music,


  • Betty Overstreet (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:23 pm GMT)

    It is so great to be able to read words of God from around the world. you keep on sending your music spinning out to all !

  • Arthur Mackey (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:21 pm GMT)

    I found you on and loved your You Hold the Key! Glad I checked out your website. Keep it up!! :)

  • Arnold Walsh (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:17 pm GMT)

    Mark I feel your heart and soul in all that you do and share with the world.

  • Emily (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:15 pm GMT)

    Hi! I love your Arise To The Voice Of The Lord, I found it on N1M and I love it love it love it!

    Thank you!

  • Isabella Thompson (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:14 pm GMT)

    hello you're far too talented not to share what you can do with a vast audience and make a living from it -

    I believe that ability shines through and that you've got plenty... Isabella

  • Aisha Halterman (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:11 pm GMT)

    hey your music helps me standing a hard time at the moment! thank you for it
    and God bless.

  • Nick (Tuesday, January 17 17 03:10 pm GMT)

    Hi! Random surfing brought me to your n1m page, your music will bring me back. Nick


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  • Nick (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:10 pm GMT)

    Hi! Random surfing brought me to your n1m page, your music will bring me back.


  • Kathy (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:09 pm GMT)

    If I didn't have to get up early in the morning I would stay here all night searching for the rest of your tunes.

  • Steven Montgomery (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:08 pm GMT)

    THERE`S NO GREATER GOD fantastic vocals and track.....Keep it coming!!!

  • Damon (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:05 pm GMT)

    Lots of feelin in your music real nice. Fantastic god is a really nice song.
    Keep up the great work and God bless. damon

  • Morgan Stewart (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:04 pm GMT)

    Mark, brilliant, your music is amazing! thank you for the message in music.
    I will spread your magic

  • Steve Curruthers (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:03 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark

    Regarding the weekend after next, I am pleased to attach a flyer with the details of Ian Andrews visit Jan 30/31. Please use this to let others know about this exciting weekend. I was at a leaders gathering on Friday and met some key leaders who are good friends with Ian and were delighted to hear that he is coming to Cornwall. I do believe its going to be a memorable weekend!

    I didn’t mention it the other day when I saw you but I wonder whether you could also help us on the Sunday morning? I didn’t ask because I assumed you might be already tied up but if you were free it would be wonderful.

    Regarding practical details for the weekend, we will be having additional sound equipment brought in and I believe it would be sufficient to manage a guitar and a keyboard but if you have your own gear that’s fine. Do let me know if you need anything else and I will be in touch with you next week to finalise arrangements.

    Many blessings

  • CHARLENE MIDDLETON (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:01 pm GMT)

    good music here. playing it again today and I LIKE what i hear...

    i also became a subscriber recently.


  • Edgardo Clancy (Tuesday, January 17 17 01:01 pm GMT)

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIK.I listen to it pretty much every day.I would LOVE to listen to your music live.(awesome).

    This season, may you be blessed with laughter, peace, and love;
    Happy Holidays.

  • Betty Overstreet (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:59 pm GMT)

    So good to hear from you -get over that cold quickly so you may be back recording!

  • Maria Whittaker (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:58 pm GMT)

    Hey, you've got a great voice! take into consideration - Excellent song! Congrats on your feature!

  • Craig Collins (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:56 pm GMT)

    I will pray for you as I also have a new album , tour with my band so may be we can link up and put together a US tour together.

  • Sharon (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:53 pm GMT)

    Fabulous voice and wonderful songs with great lyrics! Cant wait to visit again!

  • Aidan Carpenter (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:51 pm GMT)

    gotta show some love! Awesome job! God bless

  • Marcie Linehan (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:50 pm GMT)

    Nice vocals Mark! I like your song your in control!
    marcie linehan

  • TOP CHEF (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:49 pm GMT)

    Great sound and originality. Catchy music.

  • Estella Mellor (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:48 pm GMT)

    Hi I absolutely love listening to your music!

  • Jasmine Mckenzie (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:46 pm GMT)

    Great sound!! I am listenning to your tunes and really like it :) Just a moment ago I enjoyed listening to Take Into Consideration.

    Good luck with your music. Jasmine

  • Connor Curry (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:45 pm GMT)

    great songs, I like your sensitive voice and interpretation very much

  • Benjamin Robertson (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:38 pm GMT)

    Respect to you for your hard work... and music!!! God Bless YOU! ^_^

  • Vince Lindsay (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:37 pm GMT)

    Mark, You have a voice it's undeniable.

  • Destiny Burnett (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:33 pm GMT)

    i surrender my soul - Fantastic! Excellent voice and song!

  • Ava Floyd (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:32 pm GMT)

    you know i do like this track Sing A Song Of Worship and I think it's worth to be shared, so then many people could listen to it. I just shared it on all of my social circles. My respect for what you do!

  • Ethan Medina (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:30 pm GMT)

    Hi..recently i've been listening to your music at N1m quite often and it's because your sounds really turn me on. I promise i will always BLINK your stuff here onn #1 and recommend it on my facebook. Have a nice day today and EVERYDAY!!!

  • Sarah Christenson (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:28 pm GMT)

    Hi! Have always loved your music and am listening now. Looking forward to getting your new album. Blessings to you!

  • Landon Bush (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:27 pm GMT)

    Great songs, vocal and music.

    Keep up the good work.

    Wish you the best.

  • Coy Pickett (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:25 pm GMT)

    Mark.Perceptive compelling compositions and stellar performance!

    Take care. Coy

  • Elijah Barrett (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:23 pm GMT)

    Fantastic music on searching for Salvation Superb... Much success

  • Dylan Sheldon (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:22 pm GMT)

    We all are in love with your music!!! So beautiful & inspiring!!! Wishing you the best with your music:-) God bless, Dylan

  • Makayla Lamb (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:21 pm GMT)

    I can listen to your music all day! Great work here!

  • Betty Overstreet (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:19 pm GMT)

    So happy that life and music is going well for you. We have a niece who is moving to the UK in the near future and has invited us to come visit them after they are settled. We are looking forward to taking them up on their offer. Perhaps we can catch one of your shows while there.

    Keep on writing and performing, with the Lords guidance, Betty Overstreet

  • Leah Hanson (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:18 pm GMT)

    TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION is my fave! Love it! Best,

  • Gabriel Horton (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:17 pm GMT)

    swimming in your wonderful sounds!))

  • Lisa Bark (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:16 pm GMT)

    Beautiful and passionate songs Mark! Love Arise to the voice of the lord

  • Justin Newman (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:14 pm GMT)

    Hi! Captivating music; touching deep with in the heart & soul of the listener!!!
    All the best!

    Justin Newman

  • Megan Widowski (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:07 pm GMT)

    Amazing vocals. Great songs. You are going places. Good luck!

  • Beverley Johnson (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:06 pm GMT)

    Right now Im listening to storms of this life Excellent!! Good Production!!

  • Betty Overstreet (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:05 pm GMT)

    I am so sorry for Andrea's loss. Please give her my love through God. We are all kin through His love and I can not imagine the loss of a spouse.

  • Lucas Franklin (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:03 pm GMT)

    Wow! What about Storms Of This Life?! Sounds great, super catchy!

  • Vincente Felton (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:01 pm GMT)

    Hello, I stopped by on n1m to enjoy your song There`s no Greater God.

    You display a lot of talent here!
    Continued success & have an awesome day!


  • IGOR BLAHUT (Tuesday, January 17 17 12:00 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark! Great songs and strong vocals :-)

  • Alexander Douglas (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:58 am GMT)

    Really dig your Soulful tunes)))

  • Ashley Houston (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:57 am GMT)

    Incredible tunes and fine vocals!

  • Sarah Christenson (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:56 am GMT)

    Great to see you on N1M sharing your talent! I came by to show you some love and support!

  • Junguo Bian (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:51 am GMT)

    Awesome! Blessings on all that you do!

  • Bryce Chuffman (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:50 am GMT)

    welcome to my playlist on of luck...horns raised in honor

  • Alexa Russel (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:48 am GMT)

    Mark, your songs are fantastic!
    Love your style!!

  • Zoe Bennet (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:47 am GMT)

    Simply awesome! Great music! Great vocals! Can't wait to hear you on the radio!

  • Truman Middleton (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:45 am GMT)

    Hello Mark, I stopped by to listen to your Your in control which I really like! I'm adding it to my daily playlist! Cheers!

  • Eric Weaver (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:44 am GMT)

    Very Nice Stuff! love your voice Mark. Best wishes


  • Brian Armstrong (Tuesday, January 17 17 11:43 am GMT)

    Listening to...There`s No Greater God
    Very Original Sound!!


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